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These are all posts about IPv6. Archive for 2008.

2007 IPv4 Address Use Report

In 2007, the number of available IPv4 addresses went down from 1300.65 million to 1122.85 million, a difference of 177.8 million addresses. The number of usable addresses is 3706.65 million, so on January 1, 2007 we were at 64.9% utilization and a year later we're at 69.7%.

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→ IPv6: coming to a root server near you

On February 4, 2008, ICANN will add IPv6 addresses for four root DNS servers to the root zone file, making full IPv6 Internet connections a reality. Time to check that DNS software and those firewalls to avoid any possible trouble.

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IP address and AS number statistics tools

For some time, I've maintained a number of pages that show address and AS number statistics generated from the delegation reports published by the five regional internet registries on their FTP servers. Time to make a list.

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Slides: Site Multihoming by IPv6 Intermediation (shim6)

When I was a research assistant at UC3M / IMDEA Networks in Madrid, I had occasion to visit the University of Cambridge for a week. Apparently, they have a rule that everyone who visits must do a presentation about their work. So I talked about the Shim6 protocol that I had been working on previously in the IETF. These are the slides; University of Cambridge Computer Lab, 2008-10-1.

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