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Hi, I'm Iljitsch van Beijnum. These are all posts about IPv6.

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My first big Ars Technica story in 2007: "Everything you need to know about IPv6"

Fifteen years ago today, Everything you need to know about IPv6 was the first big story I wrote for Ars Technica.

Ah, those innocent days of the past when we still had more than a billion fresh IPv4 addresses to burn through... Back in those days, it was common to hear that IPv6 was unnecessary if we just used NAT.

Full article / permalink - posted 2022-03-08

Glasvezel: Fiber To My Home!

Overstappen op een heel nieuwe manier om aan het internet te koppelen gebeurt niet elke dag. Maar deze week wel: ik heb nu een glasvezel-verbinding. Het interessante aan FTTH (fiber to the home) is dat dit de eerste kabel is die het huis binnenkomt die daadwerkelijk bedoeld is voor internetverkeer.

Volledig artikel / permalink - geplaatst 2021-06-06

When the BGP table hits 1 million prefixes, will history repeat itself?

On the APNIC blog, Danny Pinto asks What will happen when the routing table hits 1024k? Back in 2014, the IPv4 BGP table reached 512k, a common limit in many routers at the time, and some bad things happened. See my post BGP table hitting 512k limit in older routers. And pretty much the same thing happened in 2008, when the BGP table hit 256k.

Full article / permalink - posted 2021-03-23

IPv6 guest lecture for Hochschule Augsburg

Last week I recorded a remote guest lecture about IPv6 for the Computer Networks course at the Hochschule Augsburg with Rolf Winter. It's a 63 minute Youtube video, with mostly me talking about IPv6 and Rolf interjecting with questions now and then. Have a look over at Youtube.

And these are my slides.

Permalink - posted 2020-12-22

IPv6 address planning slides from RIPE NCC::Educa IPv6-only

These are my slides from my IPv6 address planning presentation at the online RIPE NCC::Educa IPv6-only event.

Permalink - posted 2020-06-08

RIPE NCC::Educa IPv6-only

Next Monday June 8, 2020, 8 years and 2 days after World IPv6 Launch, the RIPE NCC is organizing a RIPE NCC::Educa online education event about running IPv6-only.

Halfway through the morning (European time) I'll be talking about IPv6 address planning, based on my experiences with IPv6 numbering plans (see my publications).

At the end of the event, I'll be participating in a panel discussion with Nico Schottelius and Veronica McKillop titled "When can we turn off IPv4?"

Go to the RIPE website for more information and to sign up.

posted 2020-06-02

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